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Worth the Wait



Instant manifestation thrills me, like the Holy Water that materialized during my bike ride, but over time I have come to appreciate the buffer of time between a desire and its perfect delivery. At the inception of a fresh, new born feeling of recognizing a desire, I always feel so alive! In those times, communion with thoughts of the wanted object or experience flow without impediments, resistance-free. If I’m blessed to stay with it even for a minute or two, living in that day dream satisfies me completely, and if I’m doubly blessed, I forget about it indefinitely. Until one day, after the perfect gestation period, surprise delights me when I discover I’m actually living in that reality.

Such was the case this summer when a group of neighborhood moms gathered our families together for a picnic. We made a caravan, packed with grilling gear and games, and set up near the lake. We feasted and frolicked, laughing and loving on each other like no extended family I had ever known. So engaged and active with the food, festivities, friends and fun all day, I basked in the fullness of it on the drive home. Only in those quiet moments did it suddenly hit me: how long ago these desires had been formed. As a child, I used to imagine my girlfriends and I strengthening our ties to span through various stages of a lifetime as my own (unborn) children befriended theirs. I also imagined that my own (again, unborn) children would meet friends of their own, whose parents would become dear friends of mine. I felt into that sense of community and belonging, reveling in it just for the joy of it, and then, I let it go. After all, I was a kid myself at the time, and having kids lay a few metaphorical lifetimes away.

For decades, I forgot I had even mused over such experiences, until I found myself exactly in the heart of what I had felt into so long ago. And with a smile on my face, I contemplated the decades of gestation such a long-range desire required, and decided that every minute was worth the wait.

Makes me wonder what else I’ve dreamed up that is still yet to come . . .

Expect Good,




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