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The Love Lottery

JackieI always find myself where I am meant to be, even if it’s not where I am supposed to be.

The yoga studio where I teach held a 20th anniversary gala recently, and for months, I had intended to attend. But when the date approached, my plans set me completely across town. My commitment to be present there tugged at me and slowly morphed into a sense of obligation. The s-word ran through my mental commentaries, demanding what I “should” do, dragging my spirit down. Gratefully, I now recognize that feeling as guidance, directing me toward something greater (or rather away from something lesser), and trusting in it, I chose to skip the event. Instead, I met a friend for dinner in the nearby area and suggested she choose the restaurant due to her food restrictions. The task challenged her more than expected since she hoped to venture somewhere new. Limiting her search to Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, known for accommodating dietary needs, she finally settled on a tried and tested, old-time favorite of hers, which turned out to be a win for me, since I had never dined there before!

What a perfect pick, the location, the ambiance, the menu… We delighted in each delicious bite, savoring the moment when magic happened: one of the waitresses approached asking, “do you remember me?” After many years in the classroom, students encounter me often enough I have come to expect it, but this time, as my memory ran through the files to recognize this face, something swelled up deep in my heart. “Jackie,” she declared, as tears filled my eyes and my skin tingled with joy. Jackie had been a savior during the final days of my divorce, when I needed someone dependable to help out with my two toddlers. During those difficult days, Jackie stood by my side each time I called, like a second mom. She relayed what an impact our family had on her and how often she had thought of us recently. We all marveled at this being my first time in the space and one of Jackie’s last nights working before the company transferred to help with the opening of a new restaurant. My friend and I basked in the glow of this chance encounter as Jackie walked away.

Of course, this chance encounter was not by chance. The Universe had delivered Jackie back then and reconnected us once again now. My mind whirled with excitement and infinite possibilities for what lie ahead. To top it off, our waitress then informed that dinner was on the house! I felt as though I had won the lottery, a Love Lottery, and I knew then I had made the right decision to follow the compass of my heart that evening, always leading me to the right place at the right time.

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  1. I’m impressed you should think of something like that

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