Irrefutable garners stories that uplift, encourage and empower us to create our own reality by counting the extraordinary tales of one woman’s ordinary life. Its roots began over a cup of coffee between the author and a former student who urged the stories into being. “You’ve been sharing these stories since I sat in your class, and now it’s time to share them with the world. This is how humans evolve and grow, for centuries. We chew over what’s happening, see from different angles, understand with greater depth,” he reflected back to her. As a mathematics instructor, she heard the voice of her inner critic speak loudly, but her heart carried her forward. Within a few short years, Seema Chandarana went on to self-publish her collection of stories, Irrefutable, which stood as the #1 best-seller for eight consecutive weeks at Balboa Press.


Her book talks are creating a movement that taps our power to leverage the Laws of the Universe and maximize our potential for well-being. By reflecting on the stories of our own personal narrative and focusing on the specific ways the Universe delivers, we add to the momentum of our expansion. The conversations generated welcome a modern revolution, steeped in the ancient tradition of story-telling.


In Seema’s sessions, readers accept an invitation to turn inward and notice the ways in which Life has conspired for their success. She delivers selections from the book, which reads like a conversation between dear friends and is designed to be read in short segments, perhaps while sipping a cup of coffee.