Here’s what readers are saying about Irrefutable:

Seema Chandarana is a new spiritual guru for the ages. Her stunning declaration that one should expect “good” is expounded upon in 17 chapters of generous, loving expanse that creates the space in which our deepest desires are not only possible but something to be expected. She traces the origins of the Spirit and lays out the hero’s journey towards our own empowerment in an age when everything is obscured and often tied to obligation, guilt, and shame. Seema is the irrefutable light we are seeking in this otherwise troubled and worrisome time. Run, don’t walk to buy this book. – Harry F.


Irrefutable is an inspiring, spiritual journey of which the author recounts her amazing life experiences. Some experiences were subtle while others were drastic life changing ones that forged the author to gain greater awareness of a divine plan and her part in the process. It is honest, humorous, and raw in which the author shares private yet pivotal life stories which shows us how the universe responds with the law of attraction and how one can manifest their own story. Once I picked up the book, I could barely put it down. It is an easy read but offers profound learnings that cause one to reflect on one’s own story and how to recognize how our beliefs cause the ripple of effect of the manifestation of our lives. It is great book to have in your library to reference from time to time as well as a wonderful gift to family and friends. – Melissa H.


The book Irrefutable is written in a very easy to read style and certainly is proof of the law of attraction a and how it relates to everyday people in common and sometimes uncommon challenges. It has useful affirmations to help make life more abundant. It is humorous and personal, As an avid reader and author numerous books, I highly recommend this as a book to give to your self as a gift and to others. A perfect book to enjoy over coffee to relax with and savor. – Arlene E.


I learn best through experience. Irrefutable uncovers the many instances that occur in a day and their connection to the way we think, feel and behave. These concrete examples really resonated with me. Thanks to this book, I am reconsidering my bad luck around a recent speeding ticket. Why did I get pulled over when all the cars around me were going the same speed as me? Instead of seeing the $170 dollar inconvenience, might it have been a warning? Because it certainly worked, I am more conscious of how my driving affects those around me. Rather a ticket than an accident. I feel so inspired by this book. It is full of humor and wit – quite an entertaining and motivational read! – Margaret H.


I read this book cover to cover in less than 2 hrs. It was a great read. I found it interesting, entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking. If you are at all interested in the metaphysical or law of attraction, I highly recommend this book. I look forward to Seema’s next project! – Allison V.