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Taco Flight

While visiting with a friend recently west of Chicago, I dined at a fabulous Mexican restaurant called Bien Trucha. Everything from the atmosphere, libations and innovative menu items makes the drive worth while! The only down side might be that the variety of unique taco plates each offer four of the same type of taco. Between my friend and me, we could place two orders and share, but both of us expressed an excited “what if…?” idea of a Taco Flight on the menu: choose a combination of any four! Satisfied with our choices, and still eager for more, we each placed our order: for me chorizo and for her pork.

As we nibbled on the guacamole del dia (fresh plums incorporated into the dip), I conjured up a memory feasting on the crispy battered fish tacos previously. As one of my favorites, I imagined how lovely it would be to have just one tonight too, while feeling simultaneous joy to try something new, especially a dish we had overheard our waitress tout as a house specialty to the adjoining table.

Excitement bubbled up when the orders arrived. We oohed and ahhed at the presentation of vibrant colors in the veggies and sauces, both at our table and the next, as the two gentlemen there mirrored our excitement!  As I assured them of their solid choice with the fish tacos, they expressed delight in seeing the tacos on our table the waitress talked up. And wouldn’t you know what happened next? A fair trade exchange: one chorizo for one fish. The fish taco in my hand smelled, felt, and tasted as real as the memory I had conjured up just moments before. What delight to bask in knowing that every desire is granted, the ones small as a button and the ones big as a castle!!

Of course, as each of these stories seem to do, it only got better from there. Like the adage says, “what you appreciates, appreciates.” Because we were so occupied with reveling in the perfection of this gastric experience, we hadn’t noticed that the gentlemen next to us (who had become fast friends of ours) were settling their bill with such happy bellies that they turned to offer us their final remaining steak taco. BINGO! A flight of four!! Chorizo, pork, fish and steak. Complete. Does it get any better than that??

The best part is… it always does! 😉

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