On 11/11/11, a room full of us gathered to act out the role of Universe as Sonia Choquette taught the gal on the stage how to wield her creative power. “Ask them for anything you’d like; go ahead! They’re listening, and ready,” she cajoled. Timidly, the gal uttered what first came to mind: “I’d like … world peace ?” And we all sat, unsure how to respond. Of course we all want world peace, but what could any of us do exactly in that moment? So, we remained still. Lovingly, Sonia urged her try again. “Look at them. They’re all listening, and ready to give you anything you ask for. What is it that you really want?” This time, the gal paused thoughtfully, her mind spinning through images of her life, and suddenly she lit up! “I want so sell my apartment so I can finish packing and finally move.” We all cheered uproariously!! In that moment, it seemed as good as done.

That demonstration left an indelible impression. A short time later, I boarded a flight delayed 4 days due to ice storms back home. What began as a weekend jaunt morphed into an extended and unexpected separation from my young ones, eagerly awaiting my arrival. No one felt happier to buckle up on take off than I, and the flight attendant read the expression of joy and relief all over my face. Gleefully, he recited his line, “what would you like to drink?” Without pause, I responded as Sally did at the diner, “well, if you’re truly asking, then I’ll tell you. I’d like two drinks: one ginger ale with no ice and a wedge of lime, and a decaf coffee with one cream, one sugar, and a shot of Bailey’s too, if you’ve got it!” Guess what he brought me? ExACTly everything I requested.

If we truly understood how poised the Universe is, eager to deliver our custom orders, what would we ask for? And why do we not choose to be very specific and clear in all our requests? After all, the Law of Attraction is an exact science, for which our frequency magnetizes our reality into being. I suspect our belief, or lack thereof, that the Universe will make good on our specific requests restricts our desire to focus so sharply. But I also see Law of Attraction as an art, in which we play with the imagination to determine what we want while loosening our attachments to how it will come. I find that these “little things,” like my drink order on the airplane, fortify my beliefs and allow me to dream bigger and bolder as time goes by.

If you really knew how intently the Universe listened to your heart, what would you ask for, dear one?


Expect Good!