Irrefutable: My Proof for the Law of Attraction

Stories that uplift, encourage and empower us to create our own reality by counting the extraordinary tales of one woman's ordinary life.

Specific and Clear

On 11/11/11, a room full of us gathered to act out the role of Universe as Sonia Choquette taught the gal on the stage how to wield her creative power. “Ask them for anything you’d like; go ahead! They’re listening, and ready,” she cajoled. Timidly, the gal uttered what first came to mind: “I’d like … world peace ?” And we all sat, unsure how to respond. Of course we all want world peace, but what could any of us do exactly in that moment? So, we remained still. Lovingly, Sonia urged her try again. “Look at them. They’re all listening, and ready to give you anything you ask for. What is it that you really want?” This time, the gal paused thoughtfully, her mind spinning through images of her life, and suddenly she lit up! “I want so sell my apartment so I can finish packing and finally move.” We all cheered uproariously!! In that moment, it seemed as good as done.

That demonstration left an indelible impression. A short time later, I boarded a flight delayed 4 days due to ice storms back home. What began as a weekend jaunt morphed into an extended and unexpected separation from my young ones, eagerly awaiting my arrival. No one felt happier to buckle up on take off than I, and the flight attendant read the expression of joy and relief all over my face. Gleefully, he recited his line, “what would you like to drink?” Without pause, I responded as Sally did at the diner, “well, if you’re truly asking, then I’ll tell you. I’d like two drinks: one ginger ale with no ice and a wedge of lime, and a decaf coffee with one cream, one sugar, and a shot of Bailey’s too, if you’ve got it!” Guess what he brought me? ExACTly everything I requested.

If we truly understood how poised the Universe is, eager to deliver our custom orders, what would we ask for? And why do we not choose to be very specific and clear in all our requests? After all, the Law of Attraction is an exact science, for which our frequency magnetizes our reality into being. I suspect our belief, or lack thereof, that the Universe will make good on our specific requests restricts our desire to focus so sharply. But I also see Law of Attraction as an art, in which we play with the imagination to determine what we want while loosening our attachments to how it will come. I find that these “little things,” like my drink order on the airplane, fortify my beliefs and allow me to dream bigger and bolder as time goes by.

If you really knew how intently the Universe listened to your heart, what would you ask for, dear one?


Expect Good!



Call Me Old Fashioned…

The Law of Attraction works in fun and mysterious ways. It’s the magic behind happenstance events that surprise and delight us. It’s the bone structure at the core of fanciful stories that get fleshed out in vivid detail. It’s the engine that drives the motion of the Universe, and lately I have been asking myself who’s behind the wheel? Since the advent of smartphones and social media, the world seems to have shifted into auto-pilot, if not completely fallen asleep behind the wheel. While I fully ascribe to the notion that no Law of Assertion operates, instant messaging and sponsored posts exert an external influence stronger than ever before. We, as a people, have become more reactive and less creative, which strangely enough, are the same words jumbled in a different order.

I remember back when I might be thinking of someone and unexpectedly cross their path within a short span of time, rather than simply typing their name into a search list. I recall the feeling of a fresh material desire being born and stumbling across the very item that exceeds my vision in a small remote boutique, rather than impulsively ordering it online. I reminisce about imagining a travel or work experience and serendipitously being offered the perfect opportunity at the perfect place in the perfect time, rather than making plans through an electronic booking agent. I slowly learned to embrace the benefits of a tech-savvy lifestyle, believing that on this platform too, each sponsored post and filtered search runs more on Law of Attraction power and less on Google power. Still, I now find our systems have induced a reactivity in me and deflated the joy of attuning to my natural Flow. I want to return to a conscious recognition of each event being orchestrated by the Universal Managing Agent, namely the Law of Attraction, each one weaving a golden thread into the fabric of my days, and each one regaling a tale of the glory and goodness of this life.

So I, as an individual, have disconnected from the grid in varied ways. I have deactivated my social media accounts. I have ceased watching television and news. I have eliminated take-out meals. I have switched to solar-powered electricity. And in that sacred space, I’ve made these discoveries:

My intuition has strengthened.

My nutrition has improved.

My awareness has expanded.

My resources stretch further.

My connections have deepened.

In some odd way, all of it feels as it is intended to be. A better term for this personal involution might be “recovery”, rather than “discovery”. The process might be likened to restoration, rejuvenation, or maybe even rehabilitation. The Amazing Spiderman advises “with great power comes great responsibility,” and I admit a moderate lack of discipline when faced with immediate access to everything and everyone through new technologies. Disconnecting allowed me distance from my routines and offered an opportunity to reconnect with what truly nourishes me.

I believe the ubiquitous modes of consuming electronic information have demonstrated our innate ability to attune ourselves to any frequency at any time. I also believe there will come a time when all our devices will become obsolete as we remember how to tap our own powers of clairsentience, intuition and telepathy. For now, it’s time to unplug my devices and plug in to the Higher Power that drives it all.


Expect Good!






The Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years made me cry today, but not because of the Cubs, rather because of the 108.

I think I’ve read all the cited facts connecting the Cubs and the number 108, but I haven’t read yet a fact explaining why this data stirs my soul. So I sat quietly in meditation, and this is what I got:

108 when broken down to its  factors is 3 * 3 * 3 * 4. Three, in most religions, represents a Holy Trinity that creates and governs the Universe. Triple threes then amplifies that energy into a Super Trinity. Three also stands for the number of Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, the Buddha, and maybe, Harry Caray. Four allows for balance, a grounding of these energies on this plane, and signals the presence of angels, like those that guide and assist our shining star Rizzo, number 44. Put it all together and what we have is the most revered and auspicious number, a number honored for millennia by eastern traditions for its creative power. Every mala prayer necklace strings exactly 108 beads to serve as an abacus of sorts, because it is believed that a mantra recited 108 times “seals the deal” and assures the prayer will be answered.

That’s what Cubs fan have been chanting for generations, “This is the year!” Not once did they turn their backs and give up on their heroes. Every home game, every season, they packed Wrigley Field and cheered their hearts out, hoping for the thrill of victory and never losing sight of the love of the game. Each year, passing one more bead of the mala through their fingers. And after the 108th chant of the mantra arrived, the Universe delivered, all in right, perfect timing.

I will confess I am not a member of the far-weathered Cubs Fan Club, but I have never been more proud to live in Chicago than I am today, and I have never had more love for the Cubbies than I do in this moment because they have demonstrated a truth that speaks to the core of my soul: God answers every prayer. The Cubs have taught me through their experience the true definition of belief and faith. This World Series has taught us all that we have no enemies, just great competitors who make the journey riveting and make us feel so alive!

Light and Love shine down on Chicago so palpably that my heart bursts from my eyes with tears of joy! To Cubs fans around the nation, to Indians fans, and to those who pay baseball no mind at all, that Love and Light shine on you today too, and every day.

Expect Good,


Taco Flight

While visiting with a friend recently west of Chicago, I dined at a fabulous Mexican restaurant called Bien Trucha. Everything from the atmosphere, libations and innovative menu items makes the drive worth while! The only down side might be that the variety of unique taco plates each offer four of the same type of taco. Between my friend and me, we could place two orders and share, but both of us expressed an excited “what if…?” idea of a Taco Flight on the menu: choose a combination of any four! Satisfied with our choices, and still eager for more, we each placed our order: for me chorizo and for her pork.

As we nibbled on the guacamole del dia (fresh plums incorporated into the dip), I conjured up a memory feasting on the crispy battered fish tacos previously. As one of my favorites, I imagined how lovely it would be to have just one tonight too, while feeling simultaneous joy to try something new, especially a dish we had overheard our waitress tout as a house specialty to the adjoining table.

Excitement bubbled up when the orders arrived. We oohed and ahhed at the presentation of vibrant colors in the veggies and sauces, both at our table and the next, as the two gentlemen there mirrored our excitement!  As I assured them of their solid choice with the fish tacos, they expressed delight in seeing the tacos on our table the waitress talked up. And wouldn’t you know what happened next? A fair trade exchange: one chorizo for one fish. The fish taco in my hand smelled, felt, and tasted as real as the memory I had conjured up just moments before. What delight to bask in knowing that every desire is granted, the ones small as a button and the ones big as a castle!!

Of course, as each of these stories seem to do, it only got better from there. Like the adage says, “what you appreciates, appreciates.” Because we were so occupied with reveling in the perfection of this gastric experience, we hadn’t noticed that the gentlemen next to us (who had become fast friends of ours) were settling their bill with such happy bellies that they turned to offer us their final remaining steak taco. BINGO! A flight of four!! Chorizo, pork, fish and steak. Complete. Does it get any better than that??

The best part is… it always does! 😉

Expect Good,



Worth the Wait



Instant manifestation thrills me, like the Holy Water that materialized during my bike ride, but over time I have come to appreciate the buffer of time between a desire and its perfect delivery. At the inception of a fresh, new born feeling of recognizing a desire, I always feel so alive! In those times, communion with thoughts of the wanted object or experience flow without impediments, resistance-free. If I’m blessed to stay with it even for a minute or two, living in that day dream satisfies me completely, and if I’m doubly blessed, I forget about it indefinitely. Until one day, after the perfect gestation period, surprise delights me when I discover I’m actually living in that reality.

Such was the case this summer when a group of neighborhood moms gathered our families together for a picnic. We made a caravan, packed with grilling gear and games, and set up near the lake. We feasted and frolicked, laughing and loving on each other like no extended family I had ever known. So engaged and active with the food, festivities, friends and fun all day, I basked in the fullness of it on the drive home. Only in those quiet moments did it suddenly hit me: how long ago these desires had been formed. As a child, I used to imagine my girlfriends and I strengthening our ties to span through various stages of a lifetime as my own (unborn) children befriended theirs. I also imagined that my own (again, unborn) children would meet friends of their own, whose parents would become dear friends of mine. I felt into that sense of community and belonging, reveling in it just for the joy of it, and then, I let it go. After all, I was a kid myself at the time, and having kids lay a few metaphorical lifetimes away.

For decades, I forgot I had even mused over such experiences, until I found myself exactly in the heart of what I had felt into so long ago. And with a smile on my face, I contemplated the decades of gestation such a long-range desire required, and decided that every minute was worth the wait.

Makes me wonder what else I’ve dreamed up that is still yet to come . . .

Expect Good,



Rainbow Magic

IMG_9957[1]I spent the Fourth of July in the deep woods of the Green Mountains in Vermont. After months of preparing both my pack and my mind, I allowed myself to slip into a sweet surrender of survival without any modern conveniences like wifi, cell reception, electricity and plumbing.

As dramatic as my quest seemed, at least 10,000 others joined me and erected a whole village from the spirit that inspires the Rainbow Family to gather. My needs for food and shelter accommodated with just a tent, bag, and bowl, I ventured from one camp to another, assisted in kitchens when needed, and sang, danced and connected with brothers and sisters who had traveled from remote parts of the globe. The diversity of the faces and places spanned beyond a complete spectrum, all woven together by a common thread: a prayer for Peace.

For the past 45 years, the Rainbow Family has gathered to celebrate freedom and love, welcoming all and any who feel called to come Home. No ticket fee is collected, and everyone gets fed. Work is inspired, but not required. Everyone does a little, so no one does a lot. Individual, unique talents and gifts are shared, and abundance comes standard. Words can hardly touch upon such perfection.

What I can share with you is my experience after a hot morning of complete silence, a meditation that culminated in a collective Aum at noon. The energy was as intense as the sun, and equal to my thirst for refreshment. As a brother walked past, I inquired where one might acquire watermelon, as he responded with “right here!” sharing of his own portion. No more than two steps ahead, a sister put a whole slice in my hands. And within three more steps, another brother lay an entire melon in my arms! It carried on like this all week… chocolates, foot rubs, herbal teas, songs, smiles, and more. Everyone’s cup spilling over that the only logical thing to do was share it with others. Happy Inter-Dependence Day!! Together, we had it all.

The Rainbow Family Gathering means the world to me, because it is a playground for the Law of Attraction to work miracles: the answering of all desires. Without interference, static or resistance, manifestation is instant, and thoughts garner unparalleled power. Above all else, this celebration of freedom, joy and love demonstrates the totality of possibilities in a time and space that is quite timelessly here and now.

As I integrate back into the routines of my reality, I awaken each morning stoking the fire of that Rainbow Magic, knowing that All is Well, and Abundance is Natural.

Expect Good,



The Love Lottery

JackieI always find myself where I am meant to be, even if it’s not where I am supposed to be.

The yoga studio where I teach held a 20th anniversary gala recently, and for months, I had intended to attend. But when the date approached, my plans set me completely across town. My commitment to be present there tugged at me and slowly morphed into a sense of obligation. The s-word ran through my mental commentaries, demanding what I “should” do, dragging my spirit down. Gratefully, I now recognize that feeling as guidance, directing me toward something greater (or rather away from something lesser), and trusting in it, I chose to skip the event. Instead, I met a friend for dinner in the nearby area and suggested she choose the restaurant due to her food restrictions. The task challenged her more than expected since she hoped to venture somewhere new. Limiting her search to Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, known for accommodating dietary needs, she finally settled on a tried and tested, old-time favorite of hers, which turned out to be a win for me, since I had never dined there before!

What a perfect pick, the location, the ambiance, the menu… We delighted in each delicious bite, savoring the moment when magic happened: one of the waitresses approached asking, “do you remember me?” After many years in the classroom, students encounter me often enough I have come to expect it, but this time, as my memory ran through the files to recognize this face, something swelled up deep in my heart. “Jackie,” she declared, as tears filled my eyes and my skin tingled with joy. Jackie had been a savior during the final days of my divorce, when I needed someone dependable to help out with my two toddlers. During those difficult days, Jackie stood by my side each time I called, like a second mom. She relayed what an impact our family had on her and how often she had thought of us recently. We all marveled at this being my first time in the space and one of Jackie’s last nights working before the company transferred to help with the opening of a new restaurant. My friend and I basked in the glow of this chance encounter as Jackie walked away.

Of course, this chance encounter was not by chance. The Universe had delivered Jackie back then and reconnected us once again now. My mind whirled with excitement and infinite possibilities for what lie ahead. To top it off, our waitress then informed that dinner was on the house! I felt as though I had won the lottery, a Love Lottery, and I knew then I had made the right decision to follow the compass of my heart that evening, always leading me to the right place at the right time.

Expect Good,


Holy Water

The Universe really does want to give us everything we want.

The paved path through the woods near my home beckoned for my inaugural bike ride of the season. All suited up, I scrounged for my water bottle, remembering it hid from sight in the dishwasher. No matter; another would do. Until, in the garage I discovered it to be too large to fit in my bike’s water bottle holder. I wanted to make it fit, but the effort in that made me take pause… and in that one breath, I felt my thoughts slow enough to hear them distinctly. “This ride will be short enough; I don’t need to carry water.” “Staying hydrated during a ride is always a good idea.” “But then you’ll have to pee; won’t that be uncomfortable!” “Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.” Like a spectator of the volley between ego and Spirit in my mind. With one more breath, I mounted my bike without water, consciously affirming “I always have everything I need.”

The path winds as it follows a nearby river, offering multiple entry points all equidistant from my front door, and on this day I chose one I rarely choose because of its proximity to traffic. Knowing I would only ride the curb for a few short hundred yards, I pedaled alert to my surroundings and relaxed into the rhythm of the morning. Suddenly, with no advance notice, my bike slowed to a stop as I hoisted it over the curb to cut onto the middle of the path. Wondering why I felt drawn to this break point instead of the next smooth and easy entry on to the path, I looked down to notice a plastic water bottle. Now, recycling trash along my trail usually pulls me irresistibly into service, but something about this bottle seemed different. Indeed! The bottle sweated with condensation from being chilled, and rather than empty ready for renewal, it was full, and sealed, having just recently jumped ship from another bicycle riding along the very same path. Just for me? It seemed so.

Another deep breath, and already my morning ride felt complete. Watching the dialogue exchange between ego and Spirit in my mind then exhilarated me! This bottle fit perfectly, not just in my holder, but in the glorious plan laid out to demonstrate to each of us in our own individual ways how we are all seen, heard, and answered in each moment of this life. A single blessed plastic water bottle, lost and now found, a true miracle in my hands. The big miracles – births of babies, marital unions, better jobs, new homes – mark the major chapters in our story, but it’s the little things that make up the fabric of our lives, each one woven by Hands that guide us. These small details sustain me daily. For that, I look out for them, and I find them.

Better than this, the trail leads to a small lagoon where the bottle found a recycling container, my bladder found relief, my ego found satisfaction, and Spirit breathed Love into my body.

Expect Good!


Kairos and Chronos

The ancient Greeks had two words for time, kairos and chronos. Many of us are familiar with the latter, which operates in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and so on. In fact, most of us are ruled and confined by it. But another aspect of time beckons us to live suspended in a moment of indeterminate time in which everything unfolds. Kairos often translates to right or opportune time, a time determined by the Divine.

We flux in and out of these two aspects all day long. Today, meeting a friend at Galos Salt Caves, I sat in the waiting room as she battled traffic, racing against the clock to make our noon session. Promptly at 12:05, the attendant escorted me into the cave, heading the posted advisory that no session would begin any later than five minutes past the hour. When my dear friend did arrive, shrouded in the shame of tardiness, we took a few deep clearing breaths together and relaxed into our zero gravity loungers. Then a miracle occurred…

Listening to the calm and soothing recording of a man’s voice inviting us to enjoy the rhythms of the ocean waves, I imagined myself at the shore of a magnificent sea. The air felt salty on my skin, and every cell of my body drank it up. I felt a drifting, a lightness, a zen so indescribable that I slipped into a suspension of time. The moment lasted indefinitely (or, precisely 44 chronological minutes), and one deep inhale delivered me back to this conscious reality just as the man’s recorded voice ended the session by thanking us for our time at the cave.

How does that happen, exactly? How can I “zone out” and then “come to” for an exact amount of clock time? How have I managed, for over ten years, to wake up at a specifically intended time without a morning alarm, and without fail? The best reason I can offer is one of our Higher Awareness (read: Law of Attraction) orchestrating on our behalf. When given the chance, my rational mind took the opportunity to withdraw, to rest, and to trust in the most natural Force to awaken it in perfect timing.

These heavenly moments are earthly portals into an eternal timelessness. These moments of joy and peace and well-being. Little miracles. Look for them, and they will open for you. I’ll meet you there.

Expect Good,


The First Blog Post

I have procrastinated writing this post all morning, but procrastination has its purpose, as do all of the events and emotions one might choose to label “negative.” In addition to my garden free from weeds, my spice cabinet organized and alphabetized, and my floors mopped to a shine, the procrastination has allowed me to align my energy with this moment now, with you, the reader. I’m so glad you’re here!

Truth be told, I’ve procrastinated writing this post since my book published, but when the anniversary of the publication rolled around (for the third time) I could no longer ignore what’s been awaiting us. After hiding under the guise of fearing failure, I realized the deeper fear of never having started at something that might fail – or succeed. As the lotto motto says, “if you don’t play, you can’t win!”

Then began my mental debate over the topic of The First Blog Post, and that’s when it occurred to me that said debate might BE the topic. What would make reading this meaningful? What would help me connect with readers? What message do I want to share? What gifts have I been assigned to impart? What would define “success” for my blog? Ultimately, for whom am I writing these posts? As these questions swirled about in my mind, I heard a Carpenters song my mom sang when I was a girl emerge from within, specifically the lyrics “don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.” Graciously, the melody allured me back down into my heart for the answers. It is from that open space I offer you my words.

I imagine a world where the broadband waves are flooded with uplifting messages, reprogramming the subconscious and crowding out false beliefs with no basis. I intend that my words reach those who need them most in perfect timing. And I invite you to join the conversation as you reflect on the everyday miracles unfolding all around you.

Expect Good!