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Holy Water

The Universe really does want to give us everything we want.

The paved path through the woods near my home beckoned for my inaugural bike ride of the season. All suited up, I scrounged for my water bottle, remembering it hid from sight in the dishwasher. No matter; another would do. Until, in the garage I discovered it to be too large to fit in my bike’s water bottle holder. I wanted to make it fit, but the effort in that made me take pause… and in that one breath, I felt my thoughts slow enough to hear them distinctly. “This ride will be short enough; I don’t need to carry water.” “Staying hydrated during a ride is always a good idea.” “But then you’ll have to pee; won’t that be uncomfortable!” “Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.” Like a spectator of the volley between ego and Spirit in my mind. With one more breath, I mounted my bike without water, consciously affirming “I always have everything I need.”

The path winds as it follows a nearby river, offering multiple entry points all equidistant from my front door, and on this day I chose one I rarely choose because of its proximity to traffic. Knowing I would only ride the curb for a few short hundred yards, I pedaled alert to my surroundings and relaxed into the rhythm of the morning. Suddenly, with no advance notice, my bike slowed to a stop as I hoisted it over the curb to cut onto the middle of the path. Wondering why I felt drawn to this break point instead of the next smooth and easy entry on to the path, I looked down to notice a plastic water bottle. Now, recycling trash along my trail usually pulls me irresistibly into service, but something about this bottle seemed different. Indeed! The bottle sweated with condensation from being chilled, and rather than empty ready for renewal, it was full, and sealed, having just recently jumped ship from another bicycle riding along the very same path. Just for me? It seemed so.

Another deep breath, and already my morning ride felt complete. Watching the dialogue exchange between ego and Spirit in my mind then exhilarated me! This bottle fit perfectly, not just in my holder, but in the glorious plan laid out to demonstrate to each of us in our own individual ways how we are all seen, heard, and answered in each moment of this life. A single blessed plastic water bottle, lost and now found, a true miracle in my hands. The big miracles – births of babies, marital unions, better jobs, new homes – mark the major chapters in our story, but it’s the little things that make up the fabric of our lives, each one woven by Hands that guide us. These small details sustain me daily. For that, I look out for them, and I find them.

Better than this, the trail leads to a small lagoon where the bottle found a recycling container, my bladder found relief, my ego found satisfaction, and Spirit breathed Love into my body.

Expect Good!



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