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The Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years made me cry today, but not because of the Cubs, rather because of the 108.

I think I’ve read all the cited facts connecting the Cubs and the number 108, but I haven’t read yet a fact explaining why this data stirs my soul. So I sat quietly in meditation, and this is what I got:

108 when broken down to its  factors is 3 * 3 * 3 * 4. Three, in most religions, represents a Holy Trinity that creates and governs the Universe. Triple threes then amplifies that energy into a Super Trinity. Three also stands for the number of Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, the Buddha, and maybe, Harry Caray. Four allows for balance, a grounding of these energies on this plane, and signals the presence of angels, like those that guide and assist our shining star Rizzo, number 44. Put it all together and what we have is the most revered and auspicious number, a number honored for millennia by eastern traditions for its creative power. Every mala prayer necklace strings exactly 108 beads to serve as an abacus of sorts, because it is believed that a mantra recited 108 times “seals the deal” and assures the prayer will be answered.

That’s what Cubs fan have been chanting for generations, “This is the year!” Not once did they turn their backs and give up on their heroes. Every home game, every season, they packed Wrigley Field and cheered their hearts out, hoping for the thrill of victory and never losing sight of the love of the game. Each year, passing one more bead of the mala through their fingers. And after the 108th chant of the mantra arrived, the Universe delivered, all in right, perfect timing.

I will confess I am not a member of the far-weathered Cubs Fan Club, but I have never been more proud to live in Chicago than I am today, and I have never had more love for the Cubbies than I do in this moment because they have demonstrated a truth that speaks to the core of my soul: God answers every prayer. The Cubs have taught me through their experience the true definition of belief and faith. This World Series has taught us all that we have no enemies, just great competitors who make the journey riveting and make us feel so alive!

Light and Love shine down on Chicago so palpably that my heart bursts from my eyes with tears of joy! To Cubs fans around the nation, to Indians fans, and to those who pay baseball no mind at all, that Love and Light shine on you today too, and every day.

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  1. That’s a genuinely impsvrsiee answer.

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