The Law of Attraction works in fun and mysterious ways. It’s the magic behind happenstance events that surprise and delight us. It’s the bone structure at the core of fanciful stories that get fleshed out in vivid detail. It’s the engine that drives the motion of the Universe, and lately I have been asking myself who’s behind the wheel? Since the advent of smartphones and social media, the world seems to have shifted into auto-pilot, if not completely fallen asleep behind the wheel. While I fully ascribe to the notion that no Law of Assertion operates, instant messaging and sponsored posts exert an external influence stronger than ever before. We, as a people, have become more reactive and less creative, which strangely enough, are the same words jumbled in a different order.

I remember back when I might be thinking of someone and unexpectedly cross their path within a short span of time, rather than simply typing their name into a search list. I recall the feeling of a fresh material desire being born and stumbling across the very item that exceeds my vision in a small remote boutique, rather than impulsively ordering it online. I reminisce about imagining a travel or work experience and serendipitously being offered the perfect opportunity at the perfect place in the perfect time, rather than making plans through an electronic booking agent. I slowly learned to embrace the benefits of a tech-savvy lifestyle, believing that on this platform too, each sponsored post and filtered search runs more on Law of Attraction power and less on Google power. Still, I now find our systems have induced a reactivity in me and deflated the joy of attuning to my natural Flow. I want to return to a conscious recognition of each event being orchestrated by the Universal Managing Agent, namely the Law of Attraction, each one weaving a golden thread into the fabric of my days, and each one regaling a tale of the glory and goodness of this life.

So I, as an individual, have disconnected from the grid in varied ways. I have deactivated my social media accounts. I have ceased watching television and news. I have eliminated take-out meals. I have switched to solar-powered electricity. And in that sacred space, I’ve made these discoveries:

My intuition has strengthened.

My nutrition has improved.

My awareness has expanded.

My resources stretch further.

My connections have deepened.

In some odd way, all of it feels as it is intended to be. A better term for this personal involution might be “recovery”, rather than “discovery”. The process might be likened to restoration, rejuvenation, or maybe even rehabilitation. The Amazing Spiderman advises “with great power comes great responsibility,” and I admit a moderate lack of discipline when faced with immediate access to everything and everyone through new technologies. Disconnecting allowed me distance from my routines and offered an opportunity to reconnect with what truly nourishes me.

I believe the ubiquitous modes of consuming electronic information have demonstrated our innate ability to attune ourselves to any frequency at any time. I also believe there will come a time when all our devices will become obsolete as we remember how to tap our own powers of clairsentience, intuition and telepathy. For now, it’s time to unplug my devices and plug in to the Higher Power that drives it all.


Expect Good!