IMG_9957[1]I spent the Fourth of July in the deep woods of the Green Mountains in Vermont. After months of preparing both my pack and my mind, I allowed myself to slip into a sweet surrender of survival without any modern conveniences like wifi, cell reception, electricity and plumbing.

As dramatic as my quest seemed, at least 10,000 others joined me and erected a whole village from the spirit that inspires the Rainbow Family to gather. My needs for food and shelter accommodated with just a tent, bag, and bowl, I ventured from one camp to another, assisted in kitchens when needed, and sang, danced and connected with brothers and sisters who had traveled from remote parts of the globe. The diversity of the faces and places spanned beyond a complete spectrum, all woven together by a common thread: a prayer for Peace.

For the past 45 years, the Rainbow Family has gathered to celebrate freedom and love, welcoming all and any who feel called to come Home. No ticket fee is collected, and everyone gets fed. Work is inspired, but not required. Everyone does a little, so no one does a lot. Individual, unique talents and gifts are shared, and abundance comes standard. Words can hardly touch upon such perfection.

What I can share with you is my experience after a hot morning of complete silence, a meditation that culminated in a collective Aum at noon. The energy was as intense as the sun, and equal to my thirst for refreshment. As a brother walked past, I inquired where one might acquire watermelon, as he responded with “right here!” sharing of his own portion. No more than two steps ahead, a sister put a whole slice in my hands. And within three more steps, another brother lay an entire melon in my arms! It carried on like this all week… chocolates, foot rubs, herbal teas, songs, smiles, and more. Everyone’s cup spilling over that the only logical thing to do was share it with others. Happy Inter-Dependence Day!! Together, we had it all.

The Rainbow Family Gathering means the world to me, because it is a playground for the Law of Attraction to work miracles: the answering of all desires. Without interference, static or resistance, manifestation is instant, and thoughts garner unparalleled power. Above all else, this celebration of freedom, joy and love demonstrates the totality of possibilities in a time and space that is quite timelessly here and now.

As I integrate back into the routines of my reality, I awaken each morning stoking the fire of that Rainbow Magic, knowing that All is Well, and Abundance is Natural.

Expect Good,