Irrefutable: My Proof for the Law of Attraction

Stories that uplift, encourage and empower us to create our own reality by counting the extraordinary tales of one woman's ordinary life.

Month: June 2016

The Love Lottery

JackieI always find myself where I am meant to be, even if it’s not where I am supposed to be.

The yoga studio where I teach held a 20th anniversary gala recently, and for months, I had intended to attend. But when the date approached, my plans set me completely across town. My commitment to be present there tugged at me and slowly morphed into a sense of obligation. The s-word ran through my mental commentaries, demanding what I “should” do, dragging my spirit down. Gratefully, I now recognize that feeling as guidance, directing me toward something greater (or rather away from something lesser), and trusting in it, I chose to skip the event. Instead, I met a friend for dinner in the nearby area and suggested she choose the restaurant due to her food restrictions. The task challenged her more than expected since she hoped to venture somewhere new. Limiting her search to Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, known for accommodating dietary needs, she finally settled on a tried and tested, old-time favorite of hers, which turned out to be a win for me, since I had never dined there before!

What a perfect pick, the location, the ambiance, the menu… We delighted in each delicious bite, savoring the moment when magic happened: one of the waitresses approached asking, “do you remember me?” After many years in the classroom, students encounter me often enough I have come to expect it, but this time, as my memory ran through the files to recognize this face, something swelled up deep in my heart. “Jackie,” she declared, as tears filled my eyes and my skin tingled with joy. Jackie had been a savior during the final days of my divorce, when I needed someone dependable to help out with my two toddlers. During those difficult days, Jackie stood by my side each time I called, like a second mom. She relayed what an impact our family had on her and how often she had thought of us recently. We all marveled at this being my first time in the space and one of Jackie’s last nights working before the company transferred to help with the opening of a new restaurant. My friend and I basked in the glow of this chance encounter as Jackie walked away.

Of course, this chance encounter was not by chance. The Universe had delivered Jackie back then and reconnected us once again now. My mind whirled with excitement and infinite possibilities for what lie ahead. To top it off, our waitress then informed that dinner was on the house! I felt as though I had won the lottery, a Love Lottery, and I knew then I had made the right decision to follow the compass of my heart that evening, always leading me to the right place at the right time.

Expect Good,


Holy Water

The Universe really does want to give us everything we want.

The paved path through the woods near my home beckoned for my inaugural bike ride of the season. All suited up, I scrounged for my water bottle, remembering it hid from sight in the dishwasher. No matter; another would do. Until, in the garage I discovered it to be too large to fit in my bike’s water bottle holder. I wanted to make it fit, but the effort in that made me take pause… and in that one breath, I felt my thoughts slow enough to hear them distinctly. “This ride will be short enough; I don’t need to carry water.” “Staying hydrated during a ride is always a good idea.” “But then you’ll have to pee; won’t that be uncomfortable!” “Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.” Like a spectator of the volley between ego and Spirit in my mind. With one more breath, I mounted my bike without water, consciously affirming “I always have everything I need.”

The path winds as it follows a nearby river, offering multiple entry points all equidistant from my front door, and on this day I chose one I rarely choose because of its proximity to traffic. Knowing I would only ride the curb for a few short hundred yards, I pedaled alert to my surroundings and relaxed into the rhythm of the morning. Suddenly, with no advance notice, my bike slowed to a stop as I hoisted it over the curb to cut onto the middle of the path. Wondering why I felt drawn to this break point instead of the next smooth and easy entry on to the path, I looked down to notice a plastic water bottle. Now, recycling trash along my trail usually pulls me irresistibly into service, but something about this bottle seemed different. Indeed! The bottle sweated with condensation from being chilled, and rather than empty ready for renewal, it was full, and sealed, having just recently jumped ship from another bicycle riding along the very same path. Just for me? It seemed so.

Another deep breath, and already my morning ride felt complete. Watching the dialogue exchange between ego and Spirit in my mind then exhilarated me! This bottle fit perfectly, not just in my holder, but in the glorious plan laid out to demonstrate to each of us in our own individual ways how we are all seen, heard, and answered in each moment of this life. A single blessed plastic water bottle, lost and now found, a true miracle in my hands. The big miracles – births of babies, marital unions, better jobs, new homes – mark the major chapters in our story, but it’s the little things that make up the fabric of our lives, each one woven by Hands that guide us. These small details sustain me daily. For that, I look out for them, and I find them.

Better than this, the trail leads to a small lagoon where the bottle found a recycling container, my bladder found relief, my ego found satisfaction, and Spirit breathed Love into my body.

Expect Good!


Kairos and Chronos

The ancient Greeks had two words for time, kairos and chronos. Many of us are familiar with the latter, which operates in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and so on. In fact, most of us are ruled and confined by it. But another aspect of time beckons us to live suspended in a moment of indeterminate time in which everything unfolds. Kairos often translates to right or opportune time, a time determined by the Divine.

We flux in and out of these two aspects all day long. Today, meeting a friend at Galos Salt Caves, I sat in the waiting room as she battled traffic, racing against the clock to make our noon session. Promptly at 12:05, the attendant escorted me into the cave, heading the posted advisory that no session would begin any later than five minutes past the hour. When my dear friend did arrive, shrouded in the shame of tardiness, we took a few deep clearing breaths together and relaxed into our zero gravity loungers. Then a miracle occurred…

Listening to the calm and soothing recording of a man’s voice inviting us to enjoy the rhythms of the ocean waves, I imagined myself at the shore of a magnificent sea. The air felt salty on my skin, and every cell of my body drank it up. I felt a drifting, a lightness, a zen so indescribable that I slipped into a suspension of time. The moment lasted indefinitely (or, precisely 44 chronological minutes), and one deep inhale delivered me back to this conscious reality just as the man’s recorded voice ended the session by thanking us for our time at the cave.

How does that happen, exactly? How can I “zone out” and then “come to” for an exact amount of clock time? How have I managed, for over ten years, to wake up at a specifically intended time without a morning alarm, and without fail? The best reason I can offer is one of our Higher Awareness (read: Law of Attraction) orchestrating on our behalf. When given the chance, my rational mind took the opportunity to withdraw, to rest, and to trust in the most natural Force to awaken it in perfect timing.

These heavenly moments are earthly portals into an eternal timelessness. These moments of joy and peace and well-being. Little miracles. Look for them, and they will open for you. I’ll meet you there.

Expect Good,