It began with a cup o’ joe…

A former student, and now dear friend, joins me for a coffee chat each time he returns home. Then one visit, he said, “You’ve been sharing these stories since I sat in your class, and now it’s time to share them with the world. This is how humans evolve and grow, for centuries. We chew over what’s happening, see from different angles, understand with greater depth.” He went on to become a successful writer and producer, while I carried on teaching in a high school Algebra class and worked with numbers. My inner critic wanted to shut down his inspiration, but my heart carried me forward. It turns out I am a writer too, and I have stories that uplift, encourage and empower. As do you.

The time has come for all of us to revel in the Well-Being that abounds and our creative power to leverage it. The Universe conspires on our behalf all day every day, and as we share our stories that focus on the specific ways it delivers, we add to the momentum of our expansion. This site serves as a forum for us to gather, share and evolve, together.

Welcome to a modern revolution, steeped in ancient tradition.



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